Take some time off for yourself and enjoy this extra-long 4 day weekend retreat. Practice yoga, eat delicious food, walk on the beach, dive into the pool, relax in the sauna and enjoy the present moment.

We are Sophie and Boris and we are very happy to welcome you at this yoga retreat. We had our own yoga studio in Delft for more than 10 years until we decided to sell our house and start travelling. Now we enjoy traveling, exploring new places and organizing our yoga weekends and retreats.

We have made a great program for you that will allow you to reconnect with your true self. Every morning we have a vinyasa yoga class to wake up and start the day. Then there is plenty of free time to relax, swim and walk on the beach. In the afternoon and evening there are a slow flow yoga class and a calming meditation. Sophie teaches her classes with kindness and compassion and takes you on a spiritual journey. Boris prepares all the delicious meals and takes care of everything else. We are looking forward to meeting you.